Where cats are concerned, it’s got to be purrfect

And if it’s perfect in the cat friendly home, all is well in the world.  People’s ignorance over cats is forgiven. The perception has always been that cats are pretty independent creatures and don’t like being bothered or pestered, nor do they mind being left to their own devices. If that were the case, you may as well give your cat free reign in the kitchen and let him feed himself. Ever wonder why there are sometimes those unpleasant and irritating occurrences?

Like your furniture being scratched to shreds. Or the odd little piddle on the kitchen floor. No, the cat wasn’t sharpening his claws like you would your shed tools. And no, the cat wasn’t desperate to go in a hurry. But then again, this is what he would do anyhow if you did not provide him with a proper and hygienic litter. The point is, the main reason why the cat sprays, because this is what it’s known as, is not so much that he’s marking his territory out; he might just be terrifyingly stressed out.

Never a truer saying was there in the old fairy tale of scaredy cat. Because cat’s really do get scared, even at the best of times. Cats are well and truly sensitive creatures. They can easily become scared of you too. One thing you must never do is raise your voice to supersonic decibels when you feel the need to discipline him. Be firm; by all means, but never raise your voice. And never whack or slap your cat. If we find out you’re doing this, we might just dial up the animal welfare and find a loving home for your pet.

Truly folks, where cats are concerned, it’s got to be purrfect.

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